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Crikvenica & Dramalj

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Crikvenica has developed in the area of the old roman military station Ad Turres. It was a fishermen's town and a port for the nearby village Grizane. The name Crikvenica appeared in the 14th century and was given to it after a minster that is located on the mouth of the river Dubracina. In the 1888 the first seaside resort was built in Crikvenica and after that many villas, hotels, health resorts were built. Naturally, tourism began to envolve intensely.
Dramalj, Crikvenica, Selce and Jadranovo make a touristicly well known Riviera of Crikvenica that is connected with beautiful beaches and a promenade over 10 km long.


Dramalj, a small town in Croatian seaside is located 3 km northeast of Crikvenica; altitude 80m. Until 1953 it was called Sveta Jelena Dramalj. It is situated on the local road Crikvenica-Kacjak, 1km distanced from the main road.
Dramalj is connected with Crikvenica with a promenade. Tourist contents are located in the new part of the town nearby the coast. Peninsula Kacjak is one of the favorite beaches for tourists that spend their vacations in Dramalj or Crikvenica.